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>> eric: hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." i'm eric bolling alongside andrea tantaros, bob becket, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: a new york court paveed the way for the ground zero mosque to be built at the world trade center site in lower manhattan. we all know this project has seen major push-back from families of 9/11 victims, because they feel the mosque lies on sacred ground. who can blame them? there are bone fragments from 3,000 innocent people there. there is really no question that the ground zero mosque is, in fact, a victory mosque. a victory by al-qaeda over the american innocence. we woke up that september 1112 -- september 12 realizing there are forces of evil willing to go further than we imagined to kill us. somehow one of the biggest lessons to come out of the
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tragedy is how tolerant we have to be of those who hate us. so now ground-breaking is set to begin but listen to whey found out from a group of construction workers when i asked them if they would work on the mosque. >> i agree with the constitution. they have a right to build it whenever they want. they can build it here. but should they? >> i no problem with it. >> no mosque. >> don't build it? >> no mosque. >> i don't think they should build it. >> would you work on it? >> no. >> so you would turn away the job not to work on the mossk? >> absolutely. >> eric: this just in, moments ago. we got word from a senior u.s. official that bin laden was working oban attack against america to mark tenth anniversary of 9/11, based on information obtained from the raid on his compound. dana, there has been a lot of questions about bin laden, weapons of mass destruction, but now we know he was going to do it again. they were after us again. d/b/a i think we have to assume that -- >> dana: i think we have to assume they'll do it every
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day, which is one thing we talk about the whole week. the security and how we have to protect ourself and be right every time. they have to be right just once president bush who i worked for when i was at the white house in the two terms he was president, he was the first to call for tolerance after 9/11. especially religious tolerance. one of the first things he did was go to a mosque. i think a lot of people will be surprised that the mosque is back on the table. people thought it had gone away as an issue. they will be surprised, shocked, outraged. i just think that for the tolerance that they are seeking, that they say they are seeking the mosque builders they would be better off building it somewhere else. >> eric: before we dig deep in the mosque, bob, take a victory lap. i'm sure i will hear from you now. your guy got bin laden. >> bob: he did. >> eric: go ahead. >> bob: he did. yeah. yeah. did you just hear that? the whole reason for 9/11 is
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to go after the foundation of the nation, and among the most important is religious freedom. the muslims, the radical muslims couldn't stand that. somehow the idea that we don't allow, don't want them to build a mosque near ground zero i agree it would be better to be some place else but they have every right in the world to build there. they should build there if that is the only place they can build. i don't get it. >> andrea: this is bigger than public relations. they have a right to build there. of course. we don't want to tell them where they can build place of worship but cordoba house says they are doing it to bill a bridge. it seem like a one-way bridge. they don't care about the feelings. they know they're exacerbating them. i want to know if the new attorney enjoy schneiderman will investigate. he says they will only investigate if there is terrorist -- >> eric: you mean go after the money? find out where they're funded from? >> andrea: wouldn't it better to go after the cordoba
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house, which is broke and say we leered it. it's okay. it's not funded by terror sources. >> eric: i had some experience with the -- >> greg: i had some experience with cordoba house. they come off as a bunch of jerks. they really are. of course, it's okay to do something. it's your right. but there is a taste question. i can see show tunes in a crowded elevator but i don't. i want to, but i don't. i tweeted them and i told them i was opening up a gay bar next door to the mosque and saying i was happy they would be there and i'd be next to them. they scolded me for not respecting their, you know, their -- >> bob: look if you are going to investigate everybody that building something in the city whether they properly take care of the taxes or not. you're suggesting they are funded by terrorists. >> andrea: they are broke and this costs $100 million. look into it. it's the attorney general job to regulate charity. >> eric: do you have the
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full screen of top of the building? park 51 from the top there is an important part of the picture on the top. forget that it looks like a flag upside down which is a distress signal in the corner, black spot in the corner. that is where the landing gear from one of the airplanes that went in the world trade center landed on top of the building that is going to be the world trade center mosque. >> bob: what is your point? >> eric: a burial ground. see the black spot in upper right corner? that is where landing gear fell. >> bob: it looks like a air conditioning unit. >> eric: it's not. it's landing gear there are families of 3,000 people that found boning fromments on that roof as well, saying you can't build a mosque there. they may be some of the people involved in killing the families. >> eric: would you say the same thing if a financial building was hurt or ruined in 9/11 they should not be able to rebuild because it happens to be a bone fragment in their area? say it to merryl lynch? >> eric: i'd say same thing.
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>> andrea: the difference is merrill lynch would move. >> bob: merryl lynch would move, my butt. >> andrea: cordoba house is trying to build this bridge and improve muslim relations and make at it sign of peace, they would not be literally ripping open the hearts of 9/11 families. >> greg: the thing that bugs me, if they to build it, fine. we all agree with that. they have the right to build it. it's that if you question the taste, you are now guilty of the new bigotry that came out within the last year, islamophobia. i say it's a jerky thing to do. that's how i feel. but you got to let them do it. that's america. >> eric: why do they want to? there are so many other buildings. >> greg: they're clureless. the developers had no idea what they were getting into when they got into this. i think they were shocked. i think they were shocked by the amount of anger. when they saw the anger, they should have backed off. >> bob: do they own the building? ask a question. do they own it? >> eric: cordoba house got
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together with a developer, a guy who apparently years ago was a waiter and somehow came up with $5 million to buy park 51 location. now, cordoba house gets together with this guy there is funding for up to 200, not 100 but $200 million for the project no one knows where it's coming from. >> dana: the other thing i think that is worth mentioning is the poll out today that said that america is even legislation popular now in the arab world than before 9/11, before president obama came. i think president obama and president bush and secretary clinton tried outreach. at one point we look around and say why don't we stick up for each other for once. >> greg: the weird thing the reason they say the rating is so low is because united states killed bin laden. why are we trying to appease people who are angry at us for killing homicidal maniac? that makes no sense to me.
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>> dana: i agree with the call to bill bin laden and so -- [over talk ] >> bob: is it normal procedure for to us investigate where people get their financing to build things? >> eric: absolutely. >> eric: if merryl lynch -- >> eric: especially because if the role dana points out -- >> andrea: awful p.r. they would move. >> eric: marylands pay taxes. >> andrea: why are we sending an imam to middle east to raise money. that is another question. >> bob: muslims are one of the three biggest religions of the world. >> andrea: it doesn't make it right. >> bob: it would be better if it was 20, 30 block aceway? sure it would. why do we pick at the scab. if it's going to get built, it will get built. leave it alone. >> eric: it would be better than five blocks away from bone fragments for found --don - >> dana: why are we picking a scab? >> bob: this issue went
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away. >> dana: this is how you make a living, picking a scab! >> bob: are you trying to start a fight? >> greg: if it gets built, it gets built. we can talk about how screwed up it is. >> bob: i can pick at a scab? >> greg: you can. >> eric: we're not questioning the right to build it, but is it right? yesterday i misspoke saying there were no u.s. terror attackattacks in the bush years. obviously i meant in the aftermath of 9/11. but that is when the radical liberal left pounced on us and me, media matters posted my error saying i forgot about 9/11. no, i haven't forgotten. i happen to be standing there watching in true terror as radical islamists slammed planes in the tower that morning. i remember the towers collapsing killing 3,000, including 16 of my close friends and i really remember trying to comfort the kids of my friends at their memorial services. i'll never forget 9/11. but thank you, liberals, for reminding me how petty you can be. coming up, governor rick perry
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wants to pray and texas atheists say no way. and nbc apologizes for annihilating the "pledge of allegiance." is political correctness removing faith from our lives? all that on "the five." coming up.  
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>> andrea: welcome back to "the five." you may have heard governor rick perry of texas is helping to organize a rally this month to pray for our nation. >> our cry for justice. >> for restoration. >> this is our response. >> we will respond with prayer. >> we will respond with humility. >> august 6 at reliant stadium in houston.
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>> andrea: well now, no surprise, an atheist group is suing to keep the governor from attending the event. freedom from religion foundation is arguing that perry's attendance violates the separation of church and state. wait a minute, doesn't the first amendment exist to protect faith? not prevent it? let's take a listen to governor perry. he came out and listen to his own words. >> bob: do we have it? >> andrea: yes, unfortunately, you have to gut through this. listen to governor perry talk about the prayer rally. >> with the economy in trouble, communities in crisis and people adrift in a sea of moral relativism, we need god's help. that's why i'm calling on americans to pray and fast like jesus did. >> andrea: mark minor, his spokesman says they are not going to cancel the event despite the fact that atheists are up in arms about it and calling for him not to attend. so bob, i want to ask you. okay, you worked for jimmy carter, a born-again christian. you have worked -- i'm sure you know kennedy was a
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catholic, a religious president. should the first amendment prevent a politician from actually being religious and speaking out religiously like the governor is doing? >> bob: let me say at the outset, before i get jumped on. eric said liberals are petty. i got an e-mail that i wear suspenders and look like i'm an old man picking up kids at a mall. that came from a conservative. i'm christian myself and i read the bible. i would like to know where jesus fasted in the new testsment. i think i missed that. but when god speaks out, the fact of the matter is they use asen excuse for t national prayer breakfast. which i'm involved in. it's prayer breakfast for all religions. this is exclusively christian and it crosses the line of church and state. this is really about, this is about perry running for president. this is what this is about. >> andrea: you don't think the nation needs prayer? >> bob: of course, but you can invite others to pray
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other than just christians. governor perry shouldn't use the office and symbol of state -- >> dana: so we shouldn't have paid for michelle obama to attend betty ford's funeral at a church? >> andrea: this is coming close to the line against politicians. he signed parental notification bill against abortion on ground zero of a religious location, not in the church but a religious school -- >> eric: oh governor perry -- >> andrea: this is what they get for crossing the line. >> dana: they decide. i think they cross a line and court can decide that. states can make decision. texas made a decision. they have elected three times a conservative christian governor. actually, five times. in recent memory. >> eric: how is this man attending a prayer service? how is that anything to do with him condoning the
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non-separation of church and state? shows up and goes home. >> bob: this rally is clearly promoting christianity, which i am one. you do not -- >> eric: it's about -- >> bob: wait. >> eric: he shouldn't go to a muslim parade? >> bob: i don't care if he goes anywhere. drop off the end of the earth for all i care about perry but the point is this the separation of church and state is something that is absolutely sacrosanct in our constitution. he crossed it. he's a politician and he wants votes. >> greg: i don't understand why these things bothers atheists. nobody is asking you to go with him. you don't have to go. if you believe in god fine. if you don't, fine. atheists are shrekive about the outrage. i didn't see an atheist ever go to president obama about his relationship with reverend wright's church. you know, he was there for 20 years. >> --eist has ever gone -- >> bob: i am a christian,
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not atheists and i think he's wrong. dead wrong. >> andrea: we have more atheists outrage. a street in new york city going back to 9/11, that they want to name heaven's way after the fallen victims of 9/11. atheists are going crazy about the street sign. there is also, greg, i want to ask you. you live in manhattan there is a st. mark's place. does heaven's way cross the line? >> greg: a point that atheism becomes its own religious. most of my friends are religious, i got a lot of friends who are also atheists, but what they have in common is they never talk about it. we don't bring it up. it makes people uncomfortable. atheists have to pick their battles. this is a terrible battle to pick. it's ridiculous. why should this bother you? >> andrea: eric, what do you think of the guy wearing the pastra strainer on his head?
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>> eric: seven in heaven's way. bob wants separation of church and state. >> bob: no i think -- >> eric: you want separation of church and street? >> bob: this is ridiculous. have the same of the street, name whatever you want. i don't have a problem with that. the only thing i a problem isfy name a street after you, that's a problem for me. or greg. this is a ridiculous fight to have. perry is worth having. this is not worth having. >> andrea: as we saw with the mosque you can get offended all you want but sometimes it's not germane with the first amendment. >> greg: easy to go after christians. they don't kill you. >> andrea: the atheists with the pass sta strainer trying to insult and make fun of christians and anyone who is religious. look at this guy. are they in the going to stop it until everyone is wearing a pastra strainer? >> greg: a great look. if it falls it protects his skull. it's attractive. it couldn't pull it off. >> dana: it's easy for some of us to forget that live inside the beltway or
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manhattan that there are people outside of here, and people here, too, but people are hurting and prayer gives them comfort. if governor perry is going to attend an event to give them comfort, i'm fine with that. >> bob: people pray every day -- >> andrea: he went in for a driver's license test saying i'm a pastafarian to poke fun at people of religion. why do they make it seem so stupid? they are trying to humiliate everyone. >> bob: i wish everyone would pray every day and mass prayer. fine. but that's different than -- when the politicians are in the middle of prayer it bothers me. it reminds me of pat robertson when they crossed the line. stay in the pulpit, preach the good word. there is only one king. >> greg: only with republicans. atheists only go after republicans. >> bob: by the way, your religion -- >> greg: i agree. i find religion, i find it distasteful involved in
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politics and it's problematic it's only conservative religious type that are targeted. >> andrea: jennifer marshal from the heritage foundation said religious freedom, cornerstone is freedom for religion, not hostility toward it. coming up, where in the world are the debt ceiling talks heading? later, child expert says obese kids should be takeen away from their parents. really? we'd like to hear what you have to say. e-mail us at stay with us as "the five" rolls along. hi, anne.
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and social security pays a death benefit of just $255. don't leave a burden for your loved ones. since 1994, over 6 million people have called about this quality insurance. there's no risk or obligation. call about the colonial penn program now. you'll be glad you did. >> bob: yesterday's meeting between the president and the congressional leaders on the debt ceiling was the most heated so far. with majority leader eric cantor insisting that no plan including revenues will ever pass the house. so that, obama reportedly fired back don't call my bluff, eric. and abruptly ended the meeting. now well there seems to be a growing riff inside the republican party. on that topic,ed on on that a
5:25 pm
new quinipiac poll shows us the damage done to republicans by the ridiculous position on taxes. it goes like this. the republicans when it comes to the question of dealing with this issue, deficit and raising the debt ceiling the president has chosen to be do it 45-38 over republicans and i'll add two weeks ago republicans had an advantage on this. republicans dig themselveses a deep hole. it doesn't break my heart. but the party of lincoln is turning into the party of tea and it's going to cost them. right, eric? >> eric: i will give you that. mitch mcconnell's backup plan put a split down the middle of the party. the bottom line, 2010, the tea party flipped the house in 2010. a couple of months ago. people were elected on smaller government and no higher taxes, no new taxes. they will hold the party line. they will figure out a way to get debt ceiling raised without raising taxes. so far the only way we heard, i heard is through cut, cap
5:26 pm
and balance. they need a balanced budget amendment to get it done. can the senate pass that? >> bob: the problem is you are not going to get it through. not going to get two-third vote for constitutionable amendment through both bodies. that's dead issue, too. you are down to whether off clean debt ceiling bill or not? are you going to have $2 trillion? probably not. they are within $1 trillion, not $300 million. $4 trillion, the obama/boehner bill is not going to go. now you have mcconnell from both sides i think you're right, the republicans are outraged over the split over it. i think it's not a bad idea except it leaves up to obama for the heavy lifting which he is doing anyway. >> andrea: obama promised balanced budget in the campaign. where are they? he didn't give us a budget and when he did, voted down. that's a campaign promise, bob. 2008. >> bob: show me when it happened. >> andrea: i'll point it out after the show. >> dana: bob's wishful thinking were true. >> bob: wait, wait, wait.
5:27 pm
daps once th -- >> dana: i think once the debt creeling is behind us, the bounce that president obama gets is a bounce for authorizing the killing of bin laden. three days. >> bob: let me be clear on handleing the economy in the same poll he was not doing well at all. i understand that. the debt negotiations, forget the debt ceiling. >> dana: no one is going to care. >> bob: they are care, the republicans will care about the division of the republican party. >> dana: you like to see there is a division between boehner and. andcantor. before we came on the air they show were showing how they get along there is a development, evolving of the republican party. >> andrea: at the end of the day do you think they won't come together to vote against barack obama? >> bob: remember when delay put his harm around gingrich. he didn't realize he had a stiletto in his hand when he did it. eric cantor, i can't believe it. he wants to be speaker, he is after boehner. if he becomes speaker again, the second trip --
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>> dana: i love how the president said don't call my bluff, which proves that he is bluffing. >> bob: no, he is fed up, because cantor changed -- >> dana: walked out of the room like he's "on the view." >> bob: he would change the odds every time he sat down. everybody is fired of the punc. >> greg: i'm really tired of talking about the debt ceiling crisis. i want it over. like the kid in the backseat of the car saying mom and dad stop fighting. this is driving me nuts. this is the first time in my life i agree with bernie sanders. a socialist. he said on msnbc nobody is going to touch social security. there is enough money in there. that was an empty threat by obama. two things if they keep talking about we have to worry about with the debt ceiling. they worry about seniors and vets. how are we going to take care of them? no one is talking about green initiatives or npr. that is the only two things we care about are those things then cut everything else. that is the solution.
5:29 pm
>> bob: we just got a piece in here. to show how it's going to ignite. >> greg: you didn't hear a word i said. >> bob: i did. it was fine until the green thing. press secretary that dana used to hold that job and the current press secretary carney talking about an issue with a reporter and not in good spirit. >> in theory, would it also be that the meetings be held in other places? i suppose they could be. but if we felt like they should be we'd be there. ask me a question that makes sense and i can answer. >> eric: oooh. >> bob: have you gotten close to saying that? >> dana: i remember the feeling -- trying to think of who is he looking at there is a seating chart. i remember the feeling of immense frustration. jay carney used to be a reporter asked questions like that. if you are at the podium every day you can get frustrated and pop off at somebody. i remember i did it one time to a "new york times" reporter and i felt bad about it. i felt so bad about it, i am
5:30 pm
still apologizing for it today. just answer the question go back to your office and then, you know, yell at your staff. >> greg: you remind me of eddie haskell. >> bob: who? >> greg: jay carney. >> eric: do you realize something, i'd love to pull up a chart. hate to do it in the middle of your blog, bob. but this is the treasury by day. down to $53.8 billion. you see the number there? look at that. $46 billion. facebook is worth more than we have in the treasury. google is worth more than we have in the treasury. we're in trouble. >> bob: do something fast. >> andrea: if you tax the rich and cut everything like greg said, cut defense and everything it still doesn't get us where we need to be. i don't know why the president doesn't just work with republicans. it will help him with the independents. i know he doesn't take advice from me. >> bob: if you hadn't done a good job to sell the debt ceiling as a good job -- you did a good job -- turn the
5:31 pm
presses up and print another $50 trillion. you and push this crap and scare people to death. >> dana: you are a conditioned political consultant -- systemly political consultant do you think it's good for obama to say i stared down the republican and made them dramatically increase the debt? >> greg: there is no way a bill with revenue will pass the house. >> bob: i'm done. finished. out of it. that is it. don't bluff me. don't call my bluff. >> greg: i'll read your tease. coming up on "the five," is taking seriously obese kid away from their parents going too far? a new study says no. come back, bob. should excons get special treatment? we tell you what a city is doing to protect them.
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i'm shannon bream in washington in for bret baier.
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the big story here today is once again the debt ceiling negotiations. today's meeting began about an hour ago at white house. tonight on "special report," we'll tell you exactly what is happening. earlier this afternoon, treasury secretary tim geithner said there is no way to extent the deadline any further than august 2. also on tonight's program, sarah palin talks about the recent declaration that she could beat president obama in next year's election. will she try? carl cameron will have that story. and dramatic development in perjury trial of baseball's all-time greats. mistrial. the judge called at it first year law student mistake. we look at where the case goes from here. "special report" at 6:00 eastern. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: if you heard a
5:36 pm
child was being starved by his parents you'd be outraged. you know the authorities would take the kid away. what if a child is stuffed nearly to death with food? should the parents also lose custody? a controversial study by two harvard doctors saying seriously obese children should be taken from their parents because their health and lives are in danger. it's unusual, bob, for children to get that heavy. we have certainly had higher obesity rates of late. but is that abuse when you try to stuff a child so much? one of the kids weighed 94 pounds at three years of age. >> bob: first, let me explain, i had to leave the last segment because it wasn't because i was mad at greg. but i had to go get a ho-ho and go to the bathroom. >> dana: gat get a what? >> bob: ho-ho. >> greg: i like ding-dongs. >> dana: i think the kids had ho-hos. >> bob: get on a serious note. we take kids away from mothers that are crack addicts because they're abused or neglected, a
5:37 pm
form of abuse. in cases where the children are not given nutrition to help them overcome what is clearly a death sentence, that is what is going to happen to the kids that are obese, if the state has to take them from the households, take them out and keep them out. if the mother can't take care of the child it's our responseability to take care of the child. >> andrea: i do not agree. >> bob: really? >> andrea: i don't. a slippery slope. sorry. it's a parent's choice. a lot of kids may be genetically overweight. this country is developing the most bizarre relationship with food. if in the next decade the kids develop more eating disorders than they already have, we know who to thank. the government for getting involved. >> bob: i was obese but it came from my family. >> dana: that is what genetically means. >> andrea: i have a friend who is a child psychologist that specializes in eating disorders a subpoenaed she says the talk about food for the kids makes them more crazed and gives them more disorders.
5:38 pm
>> dana: you always defend the fat kids. >> greg: i am a fan of chubby kids because they're jolly. they have food on them. these kids are different. there is an illness here. they're called the super obese. it's a very rare problem. >> dana: they are not making their own decision. >> greg: that is why i'm not concerned about the government stepping in. it's so rare. if you think the child is in danger, you have to go in there and save the life. >> bob: have the government step in? >> greg: if the neighbor sees it -- >> eric: in what way should the government step in? >> greg: it's libe -- wait, let me finish. pornography, you know it when you see it. when you see morbidly obese kid you know he's obese. >> if the kid is starved you take the kids out of the house. >> bob: it's no different, believe me, it's no different than if you see a person beating their kids in the house with a bat. they're putting the kids, these kids have --
5:39 pm
>> eric: you can see, you will see the bruises, kids are hurt. how do you know -- at what point is a kid obese? what if the government says not only morbidly obese kids, now if you're a little overweight. >> bob: like greg said i know pornography when i see it. and morbidly obese kid is going to die. >> eric: is there a fat guard? >> andrea: fat police that kick down the door and say we have 20 pounds of kraft macaroni and cheese. >> bob: should they take them away from crack mother? >> andrea: you compare twinkies to crack? >> bob: yeah. >> andrea: wow. >> dana: this is not having to wear extra large clothing. this is like the ones that are three years old and weigh 100 pounds and maybe they have gone -- >> greg: a freakish anomaly. i don't think it's a huge damaging thing for the government to get involved. you are probably talking about how i don't know how many kids have it. >> bob: not many. the guy in the study said it
5:40 pm
was a last resort. >> greg: right. he wants to take them out and get them better and get them healthy and bring them back in if the parents can take care of them. i'm more concerned about the regulations in massachusetts, the government there is going to be regulating what students eat. they're banning, banning chocolate milk, which is absolutely ridiculous. because that is the only way i drink milk. if you are going to see, no joke. you are going to see increases in vitamin "d" deficiency and calcium deficiency, because a lot of people don't like milk. >> dana: andrea's point of weird obsession with food. we have known about eating disorders in women for a long time. an article today in daily mail from the u.k. about men who have eating disorders, trying to look more like skinny male models. they call it manarexia. we have both ends of the spectrum. causing huge problem. >> andrea: more pressure. that is what i'm talking about. there is pressure even on men now to be super skinny. enough, america. let people eat what they want.
5:41 pm
>> bob: for one, i don't feel that pressure. i think we are talking about a health issue here. a serious, serious health issue. the kids' hearts are in danger of exploding. we know the overly obese kids like this get sick and die at a young age. that is a given. what do you do let them stay there and get fed twinkies? >> andrea: that is the question. what do you do? >> bob: take them out and try to save their lives. >> andrea: i won't advocate for ripping a child away from the parents. >> eric: if you are a smoking family, should the kids be taken away then, too? >> andrea: that is next. >> bob: i don't buy in secondhand smoke. i'm the wrong guy to ask about that. >> eric: smoking is completely different. >> greg: some people say you can't get in car with your child while smoking, because of the second-hand smoke. that is a different thing. here, the child is like within months of dying, weeks of dying. you have to do something. you have to. >> bob: exactly. >> greg: if you are a neighbor and you see it's happening you should do something about it. >> bob: what about taking
5:42 pm
the guy out of the apartment building, they had use use a crane to get him out. 1700 pounds. 23 years old. >> dana: all of us pay for it, higher healthcare cost and taxes. >> andrea: about to pay for it in higher national healthcare. >> bob: got to him before he got to be 23 years old maybe cheaper with a bigger elevato elevator. >> andrea: let maury do it. >> dana: we leave it there. coming up on "the five," san francisco effort to protect former prisoners. we'll discuss the pros and the cons next. care to share an opinion? send usen e-mail to more when "the five" returns.
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5:46 pm
>> greg: welcome back to "the five." they want to put "con" if condo. san francisco considering proposal to make it illegal for landlords to discriminate against applicants solely because they were once behind bars. proponents think it will help the excons rejoin society and critics fear it will open door to lawsuits by rejected applicants. as a libertarian, table property owner should rent to whoever they want with a distinction. you shouldn't discriminate against somebody who they are because they're black, white, purple but you can discriminate based on actions. if an applicant committed a crime shouldn't the landlord have a right to have a tenant who didn't? you should know if they have a record so you decide to take a chance on them. if i was looking for in the tant i wouldn't want embezzler but if he was busted for looking into penn limo i'd
5:47 pm
hire him. at least under this proposal sex offenders and violent criminals aren't protected. remember, this is s.f., so give it time. so bob, you know, without this law, you'd have no place to live, would you? >> bob: no. fortunately my neighbors don't know about my record. this is preliminary to what will be one of the biggest releases of prisoners in california history awarded by courts. this is going to be a big issue. most of the people will be released because they were in jail due to drug issues. i see no reason why it should follow them out if they serve their time. they should not be discriminated against and not say i was busted for dealing pot. >> greg: is it discrimination if this is my building and i own it and i don't want a pot smoker or a guy that ran a meth lab in my apartment? >> bob: carry it whenever wherer you want. say it's master base mast -- ma.
5:48 pm
that stopped this. >> why does it always go sexual with you? >> bob: i don't know but i deal with four right wingers and that's probably why. >> dana: what if someone was an arsonist? if you are a landlord -- >> greg: it's excluded from the ordinary ordinary. >> eric: this is profiling. like t.s.a. line someone does something that doesn't look good, profile them. why can't they tell you, you are a conflict and i don't want you in my building there are people afraid of people like you? >> bob: because you served your time. you've done it and supposedly you've done it and now you are a free citizen and it shouldn't haunt you every place you go. >> greg: isn't this more of property rights issue than that? if you own that place you should say who you want to respect to.
5:49 pm
>> bob: where do you stop in if you are a muslim -- >> greg: it's not who you are. it's what you have done. >> eric: it's behavioral, not racial, behavioral profiling. >> bob: so you say if you get busted several times for smoking pot, right and now you are released from prison and you paid your debt to society, that i should be able to know that as a land lord and not put you in because you smoked dope? >> greg: as a land lord i have a right to ask the question. i may not ask because i may not care but i should have the right to ask any question i want. ironic you're labeled a criminal asking about criminal's background. >> bob: they don't question you if you buy a house, gate mortgage? >> dana: in your credit check it ends up there, i think. >> eric: can the president have a criminal record? can the president have a criminal record? you can't run for president with a felony conviction, why can't i ask if you have a felony before i rent you my house.
5:50 pm
>> eric: we're not talk -- >> bob: we're not talking renting 1600 pennsylvania avenue. this is a condominium in san francisco. >> andrea: i think criminals, i'll agree with you, we do need to allow them to integrate into society. absolutely. but if this guy or this gal was a former senior abuser and goes to work in a senior home or they're a bank robber and want to work in the bank why can't that -- >> bob: under this ordinance both of those are excluded. those are violent crimes. >> dana: what if it was gang violence related and you're the owner of the home and you don't want to take a ris that can there is a recidivism rate someone goes back to a gang and then you can't kick them out. >> bob: if you have thousands of people released and you don't let them live because you don't want them in your neighborhood, you put them in a big factory some place? that is biggest drug dealing operation in the country. >> andrea: no, people like you hire them. those in san francisco takes them in. you have don't see a problem with it.
5:51 pm
drug dealer, rapist, who cares. >> bob: i'm buying tattoo parlors then because there is serious business coming down when that happens. i think the idea of punishing somebody again. it's double jeopardy here. you are punishing somebody who served their time for a nonviolent crime. >> greg: i look at it if you own property you should be able to be allowed -- or own a business, you should be able to ask a question. be clear. we are talking about nonviolent criminals. this doesn't apply to violent criminals. but even then, if there is somebody who is a shoplifter, do you want him working at your 7-eleven? >> bob: what about action? what if they're gay? >> greg: that is what they who y are. you can still apply for a city job. the city won't ask. >> bob: this is where i difficulty in this. hiring thing. there is legitimacy to that. if you have -- i don't know what violence -- >> greg: you have gone through the security checks. how did you get through? >> bob: my security check i
5:52 pm
got it from the freedom of information act. at the carter white house. 360 pages long and i found out my roommate was an f.b.i. inform mant. >> eric: what is the difference between a business owner hiring and landlord respecting? why is it different? >> dana: landlord is your business. some people make it their business. >> bob: good point. you just slammed me down. okay. i said that -- so i take it back. don't do it for hiring either. i just think that you are taking people, make them a class of society that's forbidden fruit and throw them in the corner. >> andrea: you rehabilitated yourself. >> greg: actually, he got worse. since his arrest he got worse. >> bob: ever since i got on this show i got worse. bringing back all this stuff. this is what happens when you're outnumbered. these people you will make criminals again if you try to treat them differently. give them a break, let mem get back to society. don't ask for them to have the record follow them. if they paid the debt to society.
5:53 pm
>> greg: it should be the choice of the person doing the hiring or renting. a lot of compassionate people out there. >> can we see the 300-page document? >> bob: no. >> dana: send your resume to bob becket and he'll hire you. >> greg: pictures in that. >> dana: apply for stimulus money. >> bob: go ahead. >> greg: no, you go ahead. >> bob: no, go ahead. >> greg: coming up on "the five." oops, they did it again. chrysler employees caught in the act. we have the video. top stories from fox nation that you are tuking about when "the five" returns.   
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and those people are what i like to call wrong. take metamucil. sure it helps you keep regular, but it doesn't stop there. metamucil is the only leading fiber supplement with psyllium, which gels to help remove waste and reduce cholesterol. it can multi-multitask. it's so 2012. look at it! it's doing over a million different things right now. metamucil. ask more of your fiber.
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>> eric: now to the top stories fox nation is following. what would you do if -- you were caught drinking beers and smoking pot during the work break? would you do it again? would you do it in the same place? it turns out that's exactly what chrysler workers do. bob, chrysler recalled 242,000 vehicles today. dodge rams, today. any coincidence -- by the way, the union model broken. for example, right here. >> bob: is the reason you're asking me this question -- listen, these are probable a few people that are bad apples. most people don't drink beer or do pot. now when i was working, as a younger man, i did. in a senseless job like that, it can be dangerous. you have are trying to make everybody look bad for a few bad apples. >> greg: i agree, the fact they work with machinery is a bad thing. being in the media you're hypocritical, because everybody in the media are drunk. you know, everybody in --
5:58 pm
>> dana: i'm not. >> greg: except for you. i worked in magazine. everybody is drinking. these guys have a dangerous job. >> dana: liberals think i'm drinking. i thought this was original "red eye" before the show. >> greg: it was. >> dana: i don't know why they don't go some place private? >> andrea: they think there may be in the privacy of their own vehicle. >> dana: if you are in a parking lot -- i'm not advocating drinking and driving. >> eric: i to get to this one. speaking of lunchtime, emma mitchell and her baby were in a multi-curlchural center in the u.k. and time for a fielding. she asked to breastfeed in the corner and refused because it was offensive. does breastfeeding offend you? >> greg: short answer, no. that's all -- long answer, not at all. the problem with breastfeeding is i'm a guy. they do it at a public place, i look. that makes me feel bad.
5:59 pm
i don't want to look, but i look. you have to breastfeed. that is part of biology. you have to have a place to do it she should have been allowed to. the baby is adorable. >> andrea: this is such a heated topic, even among women, and religion, the muslim was offended she was doing it. she has the right to do it. i support her. forget it. she was within the law. >> bob: every time i see it, it bums me out. i don't -- [ laughter ] breastfeeding. you don't think it's a problem if someone sits down next to you and brings out a sling? go to the bathroom. >> dana: how can i top that? no! >> eric: it's fine. >> dana: breastfeeding is a healthy alternative. >> eric: that's it for the five. thank you for watching the five. e-mail us at see you tomorrow, everybody.

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